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Founded in 1976, Raytron has specialized in developing solutions for our OEM partners. Raytron can design a complete electronic control package for your machine that costs much less than a comparable assembly of off-the shelf parts, and lends the design a destinctive custom appearance. And of course, we can tailor the design to your requirements. Over the years we have acquired unparalled expertise in fields such as packaging, plating, materials handling, oven control, valve positioning and a myriad other applications. We would love to add yours to our repertoire.
Raytron has addressed your quality concerns: we are ISO 9001 (2000) certified, and can arrange to have your product certified to CSA/UL or other standards. Our Engineering team fully documents your project, does schematic, PCB, mechanical and software design, and comprehensively test it prior to production. And when it comes to manufacturing, Raytron is fully equipped to efficiently realize the design using through-hole or surface-mount technology.
We back this up with comprehensive engineering support and field service. More recently, Raytron has expanded its production expertise so as to offer sub-contract assembly services, both PCB and mechanical, as well as testing of such product.
Our engineering know-how adds another level to our ability to manufacture. We can also offer very competitive turnkey solutions.
Our considerable experience and buying power, and our effective MRP software assure that we purchase competitively.

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